Maurice Bradwell BSc. (Open)
Member of the Society for Popular Astronomy

I now live in Crofton, West Yorkshire but I was born in Scarborough where I attended Braeburn School at Eastfield until my family moved to Wakefield when I was 11.
At Wakefield I attended the Cathedral City High School from 1965 and stayed there for two years before moving to Thornes House School in order to study for my ‘A’ levels.
I think that John Harper became a teacher at the Cathedral City High School the same year that I became a pupil. John was my form teacher during my second year at the school.
I had an interest in astronomy even at that age and when John started a school astronomy club I was keen to join and remained a member until I left for Thornes House.
John was an enthusiastic teacher of astronomy and his enthusiasm kindled my life long interest in the subject.
After leaving Thornes House School I worked at various engineering companies in the Wakefield and Bradford area until my retirement in 2018. During this time, I decided to take a series of courses with the Open University. I really enjoyed the courses which included modules in astronomy and planetary science, maths and geology and within a few years I had achieved a BSc. degree.
I have always maintained my interest in astronomy and in my pre digital days it was of course all visual. I understand and agree with those amateur astronomers who say that nothing compares with direct observation through a telescope. I totally get this! I have spent many an hour in the freezing cold searching for elusive targets, but the thrill of finding them makes it all worthwhile.
However! With the advent of digital cameras and accurate driven mounts, another branch of the astronomy hobby beckons. Long exposure photographs reveal astonishing detail that I simply cannot detect by eye from my Bortle 6 back garden location in Crofton. For me, astrophotography in no way replaces visual astronomy but it certainly does supplement it.

My astrophotography equipment.

Telescopes: Skywatcher 130pds reflector, 9. ¼" Newtonian of unknown manufacture.
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
Cameras: Canon EOS 450d, Olympus E-450 (neither camera is modified)
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Deep Sky Stacker

The above list is my basic set up. The Skywatcher 130pds is a brilliant little telescope that I use for most of my imaging, but I also use just the camera and lens for wide angle.