I received the following communication from amateur astronomers in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which was forwarded to me by the Whitby and District Astronomical Society.

Because of its importance, I have dedicated a page of my SKYNOTES web site to bring it to your attention


Yes, it is indeed a sad fact that our night skies suffer from the modern day phenomenon of light pollution. In many places today, in our part of the world, it has become almost impossible to act upon this anonymous instruction to all fledgling astronomers:


"He who would scan, the figured sky, its brighterst gems to tell,

Must first , direct his mind's eye north, and learn 'The Plough' stars well!"


 Here is the request from the Wakefield Society: 


 We would like to bring to your attention (if you have not already been made aware of it) of a petition to introduce legislation to combat light pollution that has been raised on the UK Government and Parliament website. It can be found here with a brief explanation and a map showing where people live who agree with this



 Light pollution effects are quite numerous and well known to the astronomy community, some of which are noted on the petition. It is a sad fact of modern life that we are a 24 hour society, but this doesn't mean that we need or want any more light illuminating our skies nor the pollution that causes it.  


 More information on the effects of light pollution can be found on the brit astro website :-



 The petition requires your name, post code and email address. You will not receive any spam as this is a Government site). When you sign the petition, you will receive an email to which you respond, to confirm that you are a legititimate person (and not a computer!). That is all you have to do.


 Our Society is still very young and not as well established as yours, but we are just as passionate in the protection of our skies.


 No one knows what the future holds, but legislation would at least stop the thoughtless increase and waste that is being created by turning night into day. 


 Please join us in the support of this petition, and continue to make others aware of the benefits of legislation that this could bring. 


Thank you all for your time; we hope for your support. 

Kind Regards from all our members

WADAS (Wakefield and District Astronomical Society).


I would like to express my thanks to Damien Noble, The Hon.Treasurer of the Wakefield Society for his nice comments about this web site.

Thanks Damien, I wish for you, and all amateur astronomers. clear, and above all,.... dark skies!


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The 'Figured Skies' ?