JULY 13, 2015, 22h UT
One of the last images before the closest approach to Pluto which occurred today at around 11h 50 UT. JULY 14 2015

Image courtesy of N.A.S.A

Over 25 years ago I had my first glimpse of the planet Pluto, through my 11 and 12 inch Newtonion Reflectors, and so was able to proclaim that I had seen all the 9 planets of our Solar System. On, July 14, 2015  the New Horizons space craft, launched a decade or so ago, flew past this remote world with its five attendant satellites, and completed our photographic record of all the planets. Closest approach was at 12.50pm BST, and all congratulations must go to N.A.S.A, and all those involved in this project, on this remarkable achievement; an achievement undreamed of when I started following my life long interest in Astronomy, Thank you!

Possible Plutonian landscape looking towards the Sun and Charon
John Harper.