The large backcloth I painted of the Martian surface for an exhibition of lunar samples in Scarborough Public Library.

PUBLIC OBSERVING in DALBY FOREST... Pointing out the constellations.

Observing The DEVIL'S HORNS SOLAR ECLIPSE from Scarborough -on May 31, 2003,at Sunrise.The 'Horns' rising over the sea.

I'm giving a running commentary to the people of Scarborough, as the eclipsed Sun is rising at the Spa,

Public observing : A Lunar Party. I'm pointing out features on the Moon's Surface on a live projected image of the Moon from a video camera attached to a telescope.

As the then Occultation Director of The Society for Popular Astronomy. I imaged this reappearing of Jupiter above the crater Bailly on the southern limb of the Moon.

The plan of Scarborough's Star Disc which I designed for the Urban Space Group's plan for the site of the South Bay Pool.

The original Dalby Forest Astronomy Centre. I painted over 2000 stars, which lie north of the Celestial Equator, on the inside of the larger dome, and added luminous paint to each of them, so that if, on a public observing night, it was cloudy, I could still give people a 'Tour of the Night Sky'!

Ninteen years ago, I started the Scarborough and Ryedale Astronomical Society Annual Summer Star Festival, which takes place in Dalby Forest's Adderstone Field.
This annual event attracts amateur astronomers from all over the country, to spend a weekend camping under the dark skies of the North York Moors National Park.
Here is a photo of the 2018 event.