In order to illustrate various events during the Skynotes of each month I have used a number of Astronomy Software programs, and would like to credit these, and thank the authors of them:

They are:

Planetarium Gold Software         for the full sky charts

Stellarium Software                      for some illustrations and charts:   Fabien Chereau

Starry Night Pro                             for some illustrations and charts

Coelix                                               Summary of monthly events, Lunar Occultations, and                                                               planetary comparison:  Jean Vallieres

Moon Maps iPad application       Astrovisuals,

:Astroshed and David Malin

'Guide' Software (Project Pluto)   the valuable positional charts:  Bill Gray

Virtual Moon Atlas                        The moon phases: Christian Legrand &  Patrick Chevalley 

StarMap 3D+                                   iPad Application 

LINOCCULT                                     Software developed by Andrey Plekhanov 

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)


The Sun Today                               C. Alex Young Ph. D

LUNAR OCCULTATION WORKBENCH          Dutch Occultation Association.



Programmers of all these amazing software programs, I thank you greatly.

If there are any omissions, please notify me.

Fabien and Jean my apologies for not being able to place the accents above the letter 'e'. Je suis desole mes amis   Thanks again! ---Merci Bien!

John Harper.