The SUN is in the astrological sign of , LEO the LION. The ruling 'planet' of this sign is SOL, The Sun.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 01, 2021.




'When, as a child, I laughed and wept, time crept.

When, as a youth, I dreamt and talked, time walked.

When I became a full grown man, time ran.

When, older still, I daily grew, time flew.

Soon I shall find, on travelling on, time gone.

O Christ! Wilt Thou have saved me then?


Some lines written on a clock in the Cathedral Church of Christ and The Blessed Virgin Mary, Chester, U.K. It is attached to the clock case in the north transept of the cathedral and was written by Henry Twells (1823 - 1900).



The clock of life is wound but once

And no man has the power

To tell just when the hands will stop

At late or early hour.

Now, is the only time you own,

Live, love, toil with a will.

Place no faith in "tomorrow" for

The clock may then be still.

John's SkyNotes

The AUGUST NIGHT SKY, 2021. The planetary positions shown are correct for the end of the month. This chart shows the whole sky.


 This is an educational site (I was, and am a teacher!), which is updated daily. I invite you to download any of the material you find here. Please feel free to download any of the content, which could be of use, or of interest to you. That is what this 'SKYNOTES' website is here for, after all! 


Welcome to jonvran.co.uk, John's simple astronomy site where you will find information about what is happening in the night sky from the point of view of Scarborough in the United kingdom, latitude 54 deg. 17 minutes north, longitude 00 deg. 25 minutes west,(situated on the east coast, midway between London and Edinburgh, and also mainland Britain); as well as what I hope are other interesting bits and pieces, of use to everyone.

Historically, these 'Skynotes' are a direct cyber-descendent, of the paper Sky notes I prepared, for many years, by hand, for members, at each meeting of the Scarborough Astronomical Society from the moment the Society began in February, 1976. In those days, I produced all the illustrations including the star charts by hand, but now, with the advent of excellent astronomy software programs, I am able to use much better graphics, for which I must thank the many programmers who have produced these wonderful software gems. In the credits section you will find a list of these amazing sources which allow me to continue to produce my 'Skynotes', for the benefit of all. It does not seem that they have been produced continuously for over 46 years, but as the Latin inscription reminds us: tempvs fvgit ! (time flies)!. There are many 'pages' in this different version of 'Skynotes'. These are listed in the MENU at the top of the page. My hope is that you find within them something of interest, and may I, here, express my gratitude to the many people who have already visited, this, my small contribution towards the popularisation of astronomy, which has been my lifelong aim and ambition.

I record here also a special 'Thank-you' for two very special teachers. First, Miss M Walker (later Mrs Martin). I was in her form at Normanton Secondary Modern school, before transferring to Normanton Grammar School at the age of 13. She gave me a small note nook in which to write about and draw events taking place in the night sky. This was to be the tiny 'seed' which would eventually grow into these 'Skynotes'. Secondly, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the late Senior English Master, of Normanton Grammar School, Mr. T Hewson, who made me stand up in class during 'English' on Tuesday afternoons, and read aloud, to the class, several pages of Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift, despite the difficulties I had, at that time in reading words. Thanks to him, I can now read fluently; but more importantly, he taught me to have confidence, to be able to share my love of astronomy with all to whom I have been invited to speak; and ultimately to become a teacher myself.

 It is my hope that you will enjoy these pages, and return here often to take what you will from this site, as the months change, the result of Earth's journey around the sun.

May you too, always follow safe paths, and have clear and unclouded skies, in all the many aspects of your life!


Finally, I want to say a huge 'Thank You!' to friends, collegues and some of my ex students who provide me with excellent images which they have, very kindly, given me permission to use.

 The BLOG (About Me) bit is on a separate page. You can find it, if you are interested, via the MENU above!

The Moon in late March, 2021. Image by: @FeelBetter2day . Thanks Linda

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You will find there, illustrations of Saturn and its fascinating moon ENCELADUS, thought to be a possible abode of life, as is Jupiter's satellite Europa (also to be seen on this additional page)

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ASTEROIDAL OCCULTATIONS for THE CURRENT MONTH accessible via the Menu above (ASTEROIDAL EVENTS). Thanks For those Andrej !

REMOTE PLANETS. The paths of URANUS, NEPTUNE, and PLUTO, have been updated for 2021. 

POEM by Richard H Mann 'FRIENDS OF MINE' added to the ASTRONOMICAL POETRY page (see MENU above)



For information about suitable times to see the ISS, other satellites, and interesting objects, and to download the application if you wish, go to the following admirable site:



The TIMES shown here are UNIVERSAL TIME.

Please remember that SUMMER TIME is now in force,  so you must  ADD ONE HOUR to the times given in this table.

Date Brightness Start Highest point End Pass type
(mag) Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
22 Jul -1.3 00:16:08 10° WSW 00:16:33 12° WSW 00:16:33 12° WSW visible
22 Jul -3.4 21:51:31 10° W 21:54:49 48° S 21:57:39 13° ESE visible
22 Jul -2.1 23:28:32 10° W 23:30:36 20° SW 23:30:36 20° SW visible
23 Jul -3.5 21:04:16 10° W 21:07:34 53° S 21:10:53 10° ESE visible
23 Jul -2.6 22:41:06 10° W 22:44:02 27° SSW 22:44:42 25° S visible
24 Jul -2.9 21:53:45 10° W 21:56:52 34° SSW 21:58:50 18° SE visible
25 Jul -3.1 21:06:27 10° W 21:09:39 41° SSW 21:12:52 10° SE visible
25 Jul -1.8 22:43:47 10° WSW 22:45:53 16° SW 22:45:58 16° SSW visible
26 Jul -2.1 21:56:11 10° W 21:58:47 21° SSW 22:00:11 16° S visible
27 Jul -2.4 21:08:44 10° W 21:11:38 27° SSW 21:14:26 11° SSE visible
28 Jul -1.3 21:59:33 10° WSW 22:00:32 11° SW 22:01:32 10° SSW visible
29 Jul -1.5 21:11:24 10° WSW 21:13:28 15° SW 21:15:32 10° S visible


Date Brightness Start Highest point End Pass type
(mag) Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
28 Aug -1.6 03:56:00 10° SSW 03:58:23 18° SSE 04:00:45 10° ESE visible
29 Aug -1.4 03:09:54 12° SSE 03:11:01 13° SE 03:12:41 10° ESE visible
30 Aug -2.5 03:57:10 13° SW 03:59:41 30° SSE 04:02:41 10° E visible
31 Aug -2.2 03:11:27 22° S 03:12:13 23° SSE 03:14:59 10° E visible
01 Sep -1.5 02:25:42 16° SE 02:25:42 16° SE 02:27:09 10° ESE visible
01 Sep -3.2 03:58:39 16° SW 04:01:03 44° SSE 04:04:18 10° E visible
02 Sep -3.0 03:12:53 33° S 03:13:31 37° SSE 03:16:41 10° E visible
03 Sep -2.0 02:27:06 24° ESE 02:27:06 24° ESE 02:29:02 10° E visible
03 Sep -3.5 04:00:03 17° WSW 04:02:29 54° S 04:05:48 10° E visible
04 Sep -3.5 03:14:17 43° SSW 03:14:54 50° S 03:18:12 10° E visible
05 Sep -2.3 02:28:32 30° ESE 02:28:32 30° ESE 02:30:34 10° E visible
05 Sep -3.5 04:01:29 17° W 04:03:53 52° S 04:07:11 10° ESE visible


AUGUST 02 at 00h UT.... WANING CRESCENT. LAST QUARTER was on JULY 31 at 13h 16 UT. NEW MOON is on AUGUST 08 at 13h 50 UT



AUGUST 02 : The SUN'S celestial positions, as seen from Earth, at 12h UT.
Astronomical Constellation : CANCER
Astrological Sign: LEO.
On AUGUST 22 at 21h 34 UT the SUN enters the Astrological Sign of VIRGO, the VIRGIN

AUGUST 01: Today's SOLAR PHOTOSPHERE image in visible light, courtesy of NASA.

Courtesy: LunarPhase Pro software

REMEMBER ------- NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN unless you have the proper astronomical filters for the purpose, NOT the one often provided by the telescope manufacturer. IT IS SAFER TO PROJECT THE SUN'S IMAGE ONTO A SCREEN.

Never look through view finders at the sun. instead look at the shadow of the instrument on a card. When the shadow is as small as it can be, it is pointing towards the sun, and you will see the safe image of the Sun on the card. NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN------ IT CAN BLIND YOU !



The times when ALGOL (Beta Persei), the famous eclipsing variable star reaches its MINIMUM brightness may be found in the monthly SKYNOTES summary for each month. The star has a page dedicated to itself also, accessible via the MENU above.

ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS due this month may be found in the MONTHLY SKYNOTES, accessible via the MENU above.


THE AUGUST FULL MOON : The moment of FULL MOON is AUGUST 22 at 12h 02 UT.

The angular diameter of the Planets compared, in AUGUST 2021

SCARBOROUGH, NORTH BAY, early AUGUST. Image courtesy of Faith Young @FaithYoungWriter.
Thanks Faith.



AUGUST 01, 2021.

RISE: 05h 14 SET: 21h 01


15h 46m 56s

(The DECREASE is by 03m 33s)



RISE: 23h 50 (JUL 31)     SET: 15h 11



AUGUST 01, 2021


HW:  22h 47 (JUL 31)

LW:   04h 41

HW:  10h 51 

LW:   17h 20

HW:  23h 48


The images of SCARBOROUGH preceeding and following these tables are by kind permission of people who live here, and who are justifiably proud of their seaside town on the Yorkshire Coast. 

SCARBOROUGH, NORTH BAY, early AUGUST Image courtesy of @FeelBetter2day . Thanks Linda

AUGUST, 2021 JUPITER and the GALILEAN SATELLITES. The Date is at the side. The horizontal line shows the positions of the satellites at 00h Universal Time. Interpolate to find the arrangement at other times in the day. Chart courtesy of CoelixApex Software.
Plese note: in this chart SOUTH is at the top , NORTH is at the bottom.

A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN - OCTOBER 25, 2022. A partial eclipse is visible from the UK !The 'layers' in the 'Eclipse Zone' on the map show the percentage of Sun covered by the Moon. Each segment is a 10% increase, starting at the edge (0%).
Future solar and lunar eclipses for UK, may be found using the MENU above.

Display of NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS during the late evening, looking NORTH. Noctilucent clouds are thin veil like clouds of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, visible at this time of year in the northern sky. They are lit by the Sun which is not far below the northern horizon at this time of the year from nothern latitudes.

OCTOBER 21-22 1989. The AURORA BOREALIS from SCARBOROUGH UK. Much of the constellation URSA MAJOR can be seen behind the NORTHERN LIGHTS. This was the very best display of the Aurora I have ever seen from just outside SCARBOROUGH UK., some 32 years ago! -- JH Image courtesy of Ian Anderson. Thanks Ian!

AURORAL CORONA October,1989 in TRIANGULUM. Notice the Pleiades nearby, and the costellations of PERSEUS (upper left), and ARIES (below the middle of the image). Stars of ANDROMEDA can be seen to the upper right (and if you look carefully, following the stars Mirach, Mu and Nu Andromedae upwards, you may see the nucleus of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, just to the right of Nu. The Auroral Corona is the point where the Solar particles are coming directly down through the atmosphere towards the observer, producing a definite perspective effect.
Photo taken by Sheila Anderson. Thanks Sheila